Celebrating The Indomitable Human Spirit

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. “ A Tale of Two cities , Charles Dickens .

These words resonate so accurately with the current human condition. We, who have evolved and stepped in the era of science, technology and fast communication are surviving against an invisble enemy. Each of one of us have shown resilience and fortitude.

This is to celebrate the indefatigable human spirit that continues to fight against all odds. Cheers to us all for finding hope in times of despair and kindness in times of desolation. We aim to bring to light how everyone has different coping mechanisms and unique definitions of what constitutes a crisis. 

The following questions were given to our students, parents , teachers and some professionals. 

What would you call a crisis ? 

What’s your first response in a crisis ?

Has your productivity suffered during a crisis ? 

How would you regard the impact on mental health during this time ? 

What measures did you take this year to survive financially, emotionally and physically ? 


Ms. Purnima Dass ( Vice Principal , Allenhouse Public School) 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, they say.  Count it all joy. when we meet trials of various kinds for we know that the testing of our faith produces steadfastness and let steadfastness have its full effect that we may be perfect and complete ,lacking in nothing.

– Ms. Purnima Dass ( Vice Principal , Allenhouse Public School) 


Ritu Budhwar 


Crisis is a time of great difficulty or danger… the danger can be to a life of an individual, a loved one or a community. My first response in a crisis is to analyse various methods and zero in on the best course of action. My productivity does get affected initially but after thorough analysis of the situation, it is restored. The crisis indeed comes as an initial shock but shifting my focus to the solution helps me restore my mental equilibrium and the mind is directed to the light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

During the first lockdown for one month, we strictly followed the Covid protocol. However ,after the first month, we did perform emergency surgeries wearing PPE kits. Though we were seeing patients, but the number of hours were reduced due to which the difficult time did not become a financial issue. I exercised daily for 45 mins along with more household work. Regular communication with my father provided the necessary boost to my emotional health as he is a wise and learned man, we would discuss the Gita- the philosophy of attachment and detachment, practice Nichiren Buddhism which helped me a great deal in coping. We were provided online reading material which was extremely encouraging. We would have daily meetings which helped keep the spirits high. 

Smita Mishra (Parent)

Crisis certainly is an unstable time period affecting the community. The daily chores are highly affected resulting into a lot of stress. For instance, COVID-19 is undoubtedly an unstable period and truly a testing situation for us.

Crisis does affect financially, emotionally and physically but it also depends on our approach towards it. We should embrace it as a challenge as well as an opportunity to reanalyse and revamp our thoughts and actions. My views are not new, history speaks volumes in this regard.

My productivity has most certainly not been affected by the crisis. I  worked upon my weaknessess which I had been trying to overcome in the past. I acquainted myself well with several ICT tools and culinary skills.

A lot has been spoken about mental health these days. Particularly, if we engross ourselves into some fruitful activities like reading, meditating, gardening, interacting with the family members; our mental health would remain sound and sturdy.

I have found a new ME. I  have made a lot of changes in my expenses, tried to stabilise the family budget. To keep myself emotionally rejuvenated, I read several inspirational books and to keep myself physically strong, I maintained my health and hygiene by exercises and diet.

Payal Khanna (Teacher)

Crisis is an unstable or crucial time. My first response to a critical situation is to start seeking solutions. I recently faced a situation which was stressful and disturbing . My mother in law tested positive for  Covid with severe symptoms. Her lungs were completely damaged and the doctors told us not be hopeful. As a family we were heart broken. It’s been three months, but she is a warrior and  is fighting everyday. The financial impact took a toll, but we gave in all we could.

Today , we are doing much better and hoping for a better tomorrow.

Devansh Sahu (class 7C)

A crisis is an emergency situation that comes suddenly and we have to act quickly and make decisions against it. My first response is to stay calm and not panic, instead make a wise decision.

My father is the only earning member. He works in a life insurance company. In the beginning of Covid-19, his business was affected a lot because during the crisis everyone had to work from home. Therefore, it was very difficult for him as he was not used to working on the internet. The customers could not contact the seller and the salary too was not according to the work done by my father so his productivity suffered on both grounds i.e. business and income.

During the crisis, our mental health was affected a lot as my father became a Covid patient and I got a fracture in my legs. I was on bed for 3 months and our mental health was not in a good condition.

To survive financially, we made regular cost cuts in our daily expenses. All of us decided to be mentally and physically strong. My parents motivated me during my illness. This crisis has changed our lives  a lot and made us strong. It made us believe that we can overcome any crisis if we are mentally, physically and emotionally strong.


Vishal Agarwal 

J.J. Sarees | Textile industry 

These days, the word crisis simply spells out as COVID-19. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that at the onset it seemed so big a crisis that threatened the very existence of mankind. On a personal level, initially even I was badly shaken. My business was affected….I was scared for the health and the well being of my family…I was restricted to the four walls of my house with little or no clue to what lay in store, next. After the initial confusion and fear, the perspective changed turning the crisis into anti crisis. I soon realised that GOD had given me a golden opportunity to spend some super quality time with my family. I got to spend some amazing moments with my most loved ones and most importantly with ME and MYSELF. This was a period of personal awakening and personal analysis and personal development. I realised how much I had been neglecting my health, both physically as well as mentally. There was fear and uncertainty all around, making us all realise the value of togetherness and a healthy lifestyle. There definitely was a major financial setback but nothing that could not be handled. In fact, I feel, this crisis made me a lot more stronger than I could’ve ever imagined. It shook me out of complacency and certain comfort levels. Mentally, I’ve come out stronger and physically too. I’ve tried to create a better and more sustained financial support system for my family and business infrastructure.

All in all, it’s been a one big learning experience for all of us and कहानी अभी ख़त्म नहीं हुई है मेरे दोस्त but hopefully, THE WORST IS BEHIND US !!

Nargis Kapoor (Teacher)

A crisis is an uncertain time when a disease takes over a challenging turn leading to a disastrous situation for living beings. The after effects of such times are likely to affect education, economy, mental and physical health of people.

If you keenly observe people’s first reaction towards a crisis it is always full of panic. At the same time if you absorb the situation and understand how that instant reaction can be turned to a more subtle response you will find that it is a phase and that would eventually pass on. This is how I responded towards the crisis with patience and allowed time to flow on its own pace.

Initially it wasn’t a trouble to deal with as the first two months were a learning phase and had taught how to overcome an uninvited situation. But as it prolonged it affected productivity in many ways. The adverse effects on the physical health of elderly parents and their depression has been a major reason behind productivity suffering.

This time has been crucial in every one’s life. Majorly all the areas have been affected. Mental health has been the utmost to take care of. Since it demands considerable effort from an individual or the family members to understand the need of making mental health a priority therefore living as a happy family, caring for each other’s life, emotional needs and health has substantially grown.

A mantra, ‘This too shall pass’ \ played a vital role in surviving these tough times. Although the problems arose from all corners but there was always a ray of hope that said; it would not be an end. In terms of financial ups and downs, the hay once gathered shone when there was a little darkness. Whereas in terms of emotional and physical health; family was much like a roof to protect from all the harsh conditions.

Mrs. Farha Naaz (Parent)

A crisis is an event that is going to lead to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual,group, community or whole society.

I don’t panic. I take a deep breath, get the right people involved,plan and then I act decisively and communicate openly.

In a state of emergency, such as the current situation caused by covid-19,I have taken special measures to maintain productivity. It is a situation that is never seen before,so as a teacher I am using different online methods to teach my students. In this way, productivity is balanced. Bereavement, isolation, loss of income and fear are triggering mental health conditions. Neurological cases are more vulnerable to covid-19

As a teacher, I explore the internet to find new innovative ways of teaching. I offer my prayers so that I could be spiritually sound. I do power yoga and exercises daily. Apart from that I take balanced diet and have increased my water intake.


Crisis is situation when things go beyond our control and we suffer with never seen or experienced circumstances. Planning is threatened and one can truly never be ready for such a situation .Our first response in a crisis is to safe guard ourselves and others in the society by evaluating the resources available. We should always try and learn to evaluate what we have and how to live with it .

Without a doubt, in our  entire life time,  productivity has never suffered like this before. All the resources are exhausted and a sense of fear reached a level that was never experienced before. This crisis has affected us deeply. It’s very difficult to control your thoughts when you know the things are uncertain. I underwent a period of blankness- not knowing what to do. We are survivors and eventually we found ways to cope with the pandemic. The increase in online platforms coming to the rescue and providing education helped me utilise my time. I started valuing and respecting the time spent at home. 

By utilising the limited resources, evaluating the facts and problems and challenges with the support of family helped me find joy and comfort. 


Prachita Mehrotra

The little things | Event management 

When any demand/requirement or necessity is not fulfilled due to factors not under our control – that’s crisis, in my opinion.

When that situation occurs I ask myself,  if it is possible for me to solve the crisis. If it is under my control, I act upon it. We all have a plan B. When a certain plan does not work, plan B comes to the rescue. As an event manager, we update our clients before hand about this. 

My mind  sometimes stops working and other times, it surprises me with amazing ideas. I think it’s important to keep yourself sane at these times. Meditation, having a fit lifestyle and continuing your hobby helps a lot.

The Event industry suffered a lot during COVID. It still is. I believe there is a reason why we have savings. Emotionally and physically I believe having a fit lifestyle has kept me sane. It is a blessing to have family & friends who lift you up when your low.

Mrs. Tara Srivastava (Teacher)

Crisis is a situation involving extreme difficulties and intense adverse scenarios. Crisis never comes pre-planned and always enters suddenly. Panic is the first reaction a person will showin a crisis situation. Due to insufficient supply of resources, productivity suffers the most alongwith financial instability and it did affect us a tremendously. People tend to get depressed and think the worst in such situations but we focused on the good things that kept us lively and happy.

Megha Rastogi ( Parent of Avika Rastogi 1-D )

” It is in our darkest moments that we focus on the light “

One day the world stopped without any warning and everything had changed. A mask on my face and a sanitizer in my hand was the new normal. Pandemic  brought me far from people but close to myself. As a parent, it made me more efficient and  close to my family. Incuding all the challenges like online schooling and making ourselves adapt it was difficult, but never impossible. Each and every one of us coped with mental stress and also fought against it. I discovered my priorities and what I was lacking in. I can ensure that we can come out on the top of the current crisis, healthier and fitter in all the ways that matter.

Kartik Sehgal (Class 3D)

An event which needs immediate response and against which all other problems of life appears very small. My first response is a optimistic one “That this too shall pass”. Productivity actually improves during crisis, We become more focused and serious.These are stressful times. There is a constant mental pressure which has to be dealt with. 

Ways to deal with crisis: cut back on non essential spending, Reading Shri Bhagwat Gita and Shrimad Bhagwatam and becoming health and fitness Consciousness.


A crisis is anything that comes unannounced and disrupts the normal flow of work and is urgent enough to be attended immediately on high priority.

It is imperative to approach the problem logically and systematically. I follow a step by step method to deal with the problem. 

  • Analyse the Situation. 
  • Identify the root cause. 
  • Identify various parameters responsible for the same 
  • prioritize 
  • make an action plan. 
  • for short term do damage control to minimize the impact.

My productivity has undoubtedly sufffered due to the crisis as it acts as a distraction, till the situation doesn’t come under control.

Crisis does have a mental impact affect,  but it is also upon our ability to bounce back, identify the problem and put the solution on track. Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. We need to redefine our focus which can be done through regular meditation.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Isn’t the human mind and human spirit incredible. Across ages and professions we are united by our strength to survive whatever life throws at us. These stories are a gentle reminder to everyone – no matter where you are and what you are dealing with you are not alone in this and you shall come out stronger than the crisis infront of you. 



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